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One of the factors which citizens especially vulnerable citizens like single people, senior citizens and migrants should consider, is whether the government agencies are believing in fake rumors or not, and then harassing them. Vulnerable citizens especially older single women do not have a support system, so when powerful people make fake allegations without proof, the government agencies do not allow the vulnerable citizen to direct defend himself or herself, instead expect someone else to defend the person falsely accused.

Though the goa government claims that it wishes to attract investment to the state, some of the most powerful officials and leaders are extremely vicious in criminally defaming investors using completely fake rumors without any proof at all, to ruin the reputation of the investor completely. There are all kinds of fake rumors which are spread by powerful officials allegedly goan gsb fraud housewife cbi employee cheater riddhi nayak caro's fraud father nayak, husband cheater caro, mandrekar, cheater chodankar, naik and others

The domain investor has saved some money because she did a job for more than 8 years, and then also worked hard for her online business. All her income is legal, and she can easily prove it, yet fake rumors are spread about the source of the money to justify the cheating, exploitation, robbery of the single woman since 2010. The officials spreading the fake rumors are aware that the income is legal, yet fake rumors are spread only to make cheating, exploitation, robbery easier.

Another major racket is how the government agencies refuse to acknowledge the computer, internet skills of the domain investor just because she is working at home, and always spreading fake rumors about scammer students and other young frauds like greedy goan bhandari raw employee scammer CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, who does not even have a computer at home, is doing the computer work, to give her great powers, monthly government salary,. while the hardworking older single woman engineer actually doing the computer work, is denied a life of dignity, the compensation she deserves in a case of government SLAVERY

In goa, since the house was large, the domain investor was growing various plants on the terrace as a hobby, and some plants had beans. Yet showing how vicious the goan officials and leaders were in criminally defaming the single woman they falsely claimed that she was only capable of growing beans, these pathological LIAR powerful officials, leaders falsely claimed that all the computer work was done by the lazy greedy goan bhandari scammer sisters sunaina,puja, priya,and sindhi scammers school dropout naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan, pune axe bank manager nikhil, when actually the goan, sindhi scammers did not have computers in their house, did not have computer, internet , english skills, did not invest in domains, and did not spend any time doing computer work at all.

The government agencies fail to explain why greedy goan, sindhi scammers did not open their own bank account if they were actually doing all the work. For small online business owners, working at home, the fake rumors are extremely dangerous since the indian government blindly believes in these rumors, and then hires fraudsters based on the rumors, though they cannot provide any proof of bank account, domain ownership, paying the fraudsters monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor causing great financial losses.

Repeating the fake rumors like parrots creates the illusion of truth according to research studies and ultimately affects the reputation of the person being slandered. In small towns citizens who are not well connected, who are slandered are often targetted for crimes like burglary. Since there is nothing of value in the house, the burglars are cutting the doors, breaking the pipes, taps and damaging the property, making it difficult to live in the house, Now even though the domain investor has left goa for 15 months, since the government SLAVERY racket was very lucrative for the greedy goans, scammer sindhis, the goan officials continue to spread false rumors to ruin the reputation of the domain investor, to cheat, exploit and rob her further.

Kindly note that allegedly bribed by google, tata, the indian and state governments especially in goa, madhya pradesh, karnataka, haryana have DUPED domain registrars, registries and ICANN for the last 10 years that call girl, robber, cheater raw/cbi employees like goan frauds panaji gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak caro, siddhi mandrekar, slim goan bhandari sunaina chodan, bengaluru housewife nayanshree hathwar, gujju frauds asmita patel, naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons nikhil, karan, indore robber deepika, ruchika kinge who have not paid any money for domains, own this and other domains in an ONLINE FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD, to get them all raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the real domain investor, who is criminally defamed in the worst possible manner, her correspondence robbed, subjected to human rights abuses, to isolate her completely without a legally valid reason and cause great financial losses. The real domain investor is a private citizen who raw/cbi/ntro employees hate,criminally defame, commit human rights abuses without a legally valid reason for the last 10 years forcing the real domain investor to post this explicit disclaimer to prevent further losses and alert ICANN

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